MEP children studying at the temple

MEP children happily studying at the temple.
The coaching classes (tuition) are conducted by ladies: Ms Sonam and Ms Daki for our children who are weak in studies.The tuition class is conducted in 2 parts.
1) Morning  at 7 am to 8 am
2) Evening at 5 pm to 7 pm.
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We are building a student hostel…  they no longer need to write on the floor once it is ready by end of the year.

Providing Breakfast to every child every morning

Breakfast is the most important meal in the day.


In addition to providing their education, we are currently providing breakfast every morning…  and we are also planning to provide lunch and dinner.. and a place to study and sleep, once the hostel is up.
If you have anyone who want to sponsor a kid or sponsor the buidling of the hostel, please let us know.
With Gratitude

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Help to support the children in Manjushri Educational Project

Student Nepal


Within the first 6 months of the Manjushri Educational Project (Nepal charity registration number 1060/2066, estd. 2009),  we have managed to raise enough funds to cover 29 students from Nepal and 16 students from Bhutan for two years.

The children of MEP are grateful for your support.  Every dollar from you makes a difference for these needy children, who otherwise could not receive proper education.

Please note that no administration expenses are rendered as we are all volunteers helping in this project. All your donations will be directly and mindfully spent to purchase school uniforms, textbooks and stationeries, school admission and tuition fees.

We plan to support each child for the next 10 years till they finish secondary school.  If you are interested to help us again, or sponsor a particular child’s educational expenses annually, please contact me if you need more information.

Thank you and may all be well and happy.



Updates on MEP Students in Bhutan

shopping05In Bhutan, when modern schooling in the country first started to expand in the late ‘50s, students for schools, set up in makeshift huts with a few teachers, had to be picked up from the villages.

Parents hid their children, declared some to be not normal, and put forward those, who probably had an inclination towards mischief.

They went to school with perhaps only a single set of clothes, the ones they were wearing, and with nothing on their feet.

Things haven’t changed much in many urban and rural schools.  Today, the trend is such that most parents want to put their children in school as early as possible, or least much earlier than what government schools stipulate (at six years old), so that someone else can take care of the children as they worked.  The logic remains the same – start early, finish early.

Education is free in Bhutan, a country proud of the Gross National Happiness.  BUT all other expenses related to the child is not free.  Uniforms, shoes, socks, stationery,  food in schools and other expenses are not free.

This is where the Manjushri Educational Project comes in.  We can provide the necessary funds to fill up the gaps.  We have purchased school uniforms, shoes, books, stationary, and pocket money to the children to make their education.

Bhutan ChildrenWe have enclosed the receipts of the purchases, and the pictures of happy Bhutanese students receiving a new pair of shoes.

Regular meetings are also held to provide better care and understanding the needs of the children.

YES.  your donation makes a difference.

Manjushri Children6





Updates on MEP School Results

475206_569803649719066_1628284596_oWe have received the report cards of the children (for both Nepal and Bhutan students) and an update from a friend of this project.

” I’m here in Nepal presently and witness the first 18 children learning so fast, since the kids have been enrolled, 5 month ago, they now read, write and speak some English. Khen Rinpoche is looking to place 100 more from this village. The goal is to offer school to all folks in this Sarki Village. …help us reach that goal please? ”

~ From Heika Wierenga
(Facebook post on 16 Jan 2013)

Report cards from Nepal

Manjushri Children4

Report Cards from Bhutan

Manjushri Children5


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