MEP students win Art Competition

On the auspicious Buddha Purnima Day (21 May, 2016), an Art competition was held in Pharping with the joint sponsorship of Wai Wai Noodles Company and Paradise Creative Link. Students from 7 different schools located in Pharping area were invited to draw what they liked.  All entries were judged by the group of professional artists from Lalitkala Campus, Kathmandu, and a higher institute for learning arts.


The participating schools were

Cardinal International Boarding High school,

Shikharapur Community School,

Green Hill School,

Setidevi School,

Pharping Madhyamik Vidyalaya,

Tribhuwan Adarsh Madhyamik Vidyalaya and

UDC (A school for the monks and nuns).


6 students were invited from each school, with 2 students from junior class (students from class 2 to 5) and 4 students from senior class (students from class 6 to 10).


From Cardinal International boarding high school, 6 students were selected. Out of the 6 students, 3 students were from our MEP hostel (The Manjushri Educational Project).  They are Dawa Dindu Sherpa (junior class 4) and Tsewang Jimmy Hyolmo, class 8 and Khando Sherpa, class 7 (senior class).


At the end of the competition, our student, Dawa Dindu Sherpa (Class 4) was awarded won the third position for the junior class. The first and the second positions were awarded to Dawa Sherpa and Pema Tamang respectively.  Both the winners were from UDC.


From the senior group, our MEP student, Tsewang Jimmy Hyolmo (Class 8) was awarded the first position. The second position was awarded to Ram KC from Tribhuwan Adarsh Madhyamik Vidyalaya and the third position was awarded to Rojani Balami from Green Hill School.


The criteria for judging was based on several aspects, including the style of drawing and choices of colors, the drawing itself and the concept of the drawing. The drawing by Tsewang Jimmy Hyolmo fulfilled all the requirements and was selected as the winner of the competition.


Here are some pictures related to the event :-art 1 art 2 art 3 art 4

Completion of Phase II extension of the hostels for the students

We started the Manjushri Education Project in 2012 with the aim to empower the lives of children in Nepal through education. Since then, our project has touched 75 lives.

The above would not have been achieved without the support of Firefly Mission, a humanitarian organisation based in Singapore. This tremendously charitable organization has supported MEP to build two more blocks of reinforced concrete hostels and a block of two adjacent classrooms for MEP. The construction was completed in April 2016 and a opening ceremony was held on April 2. With the extension of the blocks, we are able to sponsor up to 100 children.


There have been many challenges along the way. One of them included the 7.8 magnitude earthquake last year which killed over 8,000 people and injured more than 21,000. Hundreds of thousands of people were made homeless with entire villages flattened across many districts of the country.


Since the earthquake last year, MEP has also partnered with Firefly Mission to carry out the critical relief work, which included the provision of temporary shelters, freshly cooked food, temporary schooling, gas stoves and tanks, zinc sheets for construction of homes.



In addition, Firefly Mission and MEP sponsors have also sponsored a mass screening for hepatitis B and vaccination for students, villagers and the monastics. To date, we have vaccinated 1,121 people, out of which 1,075 are children and 31 of them are receiving regular treatment for Hepatitis B.

13043214_1191673674184191_3813459905752116499_n We would like to thank Firefly Mission and all MEP sponsors for their generous donations and supports for the Relief and Rehabilitation project.