5 thoughts on “Updates from Nepal

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  2. While the driver’s exact speed might not have been released, the fact that the police charged him with two counts of negligent homicide speaks volumes. Speeding around sharp curves is reckless and unnecessary. Injured individuals and families of those killed in such crashes are often entitled to damages from negligent drivers and their insurance companies when tragedies like this occur.

  3. Just rewarched this and I couldn’t agree more. There’s a palpable sense of discomfort all the way through the episode. I loved Scudders response to Ben’s staring at him in the tunnel when Ben recognizes him, “yeah, but what does it mean?” This sums up so much of the show, not that there is a lack of answers but rather that everything has a reason and a purpose no scene is just there to look good or be ‘cool’. It’s interesting just how freaked the carnies are leading up to these episodes. Can’t wait to discuss part two.

  4. I was just thinking yesterday about how much I missed the perfect birdcage I’d trashed after hanging on to it for years because I couldn’t figure out what to do with it. Of course, that was before I was addicted to sewing… so I’m totally coveting yours. What a beautiful find!

  5. I’m a non-jew who favors aggressive action against Iran and disruption of its weapons program. The number of isteve commenters favoring military action is higher than might be expected. But then again the site pulls in a rational readership. I read about 20 pages of “Pity the Nation: The Abduction of Lebannon”, by Robert Fisk, which were so filled with (well written) shock stories of tribal blood letting it changed my entire perspective on the middle east. In-bred, throat slitting tribalists + the great satan concept + nuclear weapons = ??.

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