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  1. I am w/ Karin… What do you enjoy posting about the most? We all have specific things that make our heart go pitter patter. I know I do…mine is decor, but cooking gets it going too. Go with that. Then the rest will follow…literally. You have been such a wonderful, kind, gentle support in the last 7-8 months…I love ya to pieces. You are very talented in many areas & you are very socially skilled. The parties seem like you (your graphics are incredible!!), and the decor does too… Just keep being YOU! XO

  2. A clarification about the Augustine Institute (as a grad and an employee)–the school is well into the process of being accredited, but its current lack of accreditation can hardly be counted against it as it was founded only seven years ago, and the accreditation process takes longer than that. Additionally, while none of the full time faculty are women, there are currently three women serving as adjunct professors and several women academics who are regularly brought in as visiting professors. Ms. Sullivan clearly did not take the time to get all the facts–let alone present them in an unbiased manner!

  3. dit :L’administration Bush a passé 8 ans à des guéguerres personnelles contre tout ceux qui la contredisait. Si ce n’est pas correct pour Bush, ce n’est pas correct pour Obama.Pourtant personne n’a été accusé. Mensonge ou ignorance de ta part, je ne sais trop.Mais Scooter Lobby a été accusé.

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