Thank you for your kindness

Our Friends from Taiping Bodhi Center have sponsored the following 8 students of MEP Nepal.

Thank you everyone for providing education for the MEP children, who otherwise cannot attend school for various family reasons.  Supporting education is the Best way out of poverty and we hope to provide resources and care to the children in every way we can.

Besides paying all the expenses in schools, MEP also provides after school care, food, lodging and tuition for the children so that they can finish their homework under the supervision of our MEP tutor.

Everyone is given equal opportunity and parents who have difficulties are allowed to send their child to our new student hostel for boarding after school.  Some parents are also working in the hostel to earn additional income for the family whilst keeping an eye on the progress of all the children.

We also need sponsorship to provide food and lodging for the children and thank you again for helping.  Any amount are welcome and USD1 can provide a child with breakfast and dinner per day.

All donation goes directly to the welfare of the children as this program is fully run and managed by volunteers and monks from the temple.  All administrative charges are also borne by the temple organisation.

Thank you once again.  Your kindness is appreciated by every MEP child.

1552878_582260535187429_878537713_n 1555647_582260711854078_1606961780_n 1533286_582261318520684_211869303_n*s/no 011 has been supported by friends in Taiping Bodhi Center since 2013.


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