Update on Manjushri Educational Project

Dear Friends,

Thank you very much for your kind support to the Manjushri Educational Project for needy children in Nepal.

We will be sending the official receipt in Nepali Rupee and a statement of account of the expenditure. Please note that no administration expenses are rendered as we are all volunteers helping in this project.

We plan to support each child for the next 10 years till they finish secondary school.

If you are interested to help, please let us know. Donation can be given on an Ad-hoc or one time basis for any amount, or on an annual educational adoption basis (name and progress report of the specific child will be provided).

Please contact me if you need more information.
For those who are willing to support a child or donate any amount, they can also go directly into the website and contribute via Paypal, which will prompt them for their donation details.

Website: http://knamdrol.org/ManjushriEducationalProject.html

With Gratitude
Robin Chan
Email: chantw1@gmail.com