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ANSWERS:  This project to me is one of the more meaningful one. I have build temples and dana (donate) to monks before.. like I always say, there is no poor temple, just poor people. It is sad to go to a retreat and walk the streets only to realise that it is surrounded by poor hungry people outside the temples.

In Nepal, the problem is bigger than anyone can imagine. Some people throw away their children when they cannot cope, since abortion is illegal. We realized that it would be too late if unwanted children were abandoned by parents and saving street children would be even more difficult, since they will run away again. Supporting family to give their children’s education brings them out of poverty. It may a slower process but definitely a meaningful one. With regular visiting, the monks and volunteer can also monitor the family’s progress gradually.



QUESTIONS:  Does this contribution go to the children direct or to the organisation as a whole. For example, when I pay for my sponsored monk, he does not receive a cent; it goes straight to the monastery so if he needs to buy (e.g stationery); he will still need to use his own money first.


ANSWERS:  We can confirm that 100% of the donation will go to children, as confirmed by the website. It will be used to pay for Tuition fee  15,600, Transport fee         3,600, Computer fee 1,500, Uniform 4,600, School Stationeries 2,770, Exam Fee        1,100 as per the breakdown in the table.

No administrative charges will be used from the donation as the foundation is operated by monks and volunteers, and no cash will be directly given to the families.



QUESTIONS: The donation is until when? Because I had to wait for my friends to decide. Thank you.


ANSWERS:  The donation is on going… because the teachers will be coming, our first batch will be handed over on Oct 15,2012 to save on bank charges.

Donation received after that will be transferred in Nov and every quarter, so take your time.. Thanks for all your help.



QUESTIONS: How much should I donate?


ANSWERS:  Any amount helps. One dollar to us is a cup of coffee or a drink. To them that’s an education.

Just to clarify, this project is a ten year educational project for each student\. BUT donors can give one time donation of any amount or otherwise, since it is understandable that long term commitment is difficult.

If karma is right, we would have enough money in the foundation for all students.




ANSWER:   Actually, the ideal would be to share the donations with all kids.. but some people like to choose and sponsor a specific child, and we allow them, so that we can have them feeling a sense of targeted action and commitment.

We accept sponsorship on a one-time basis (that is, as and when someone has some money to spare a thought for these children) or an annual committed donation for specific child sponsorship.  Our organisation is committed to help bring up this children for 10 years of educational needs, as long as they can study. It is just that we do not have a fixed donor’s pool now and did not commit too many children for fear of abandoning them half way. It is not our plan to sponsor a kid for 2 years and then leave them to fend for themselves.

So yes, thank you for all your kindness.


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