List of MEP Students available for Sponsorship (as of 19 March 2014)

26 Dawa Choden Female 16 Bhutan 8 Jigme Namgyal lower secondary school
32 Phuntsho Wangmo Female 13 Bhutan 7 Jigme Namgyal lower secondary school
45 Dolma Tamang Female 17 Bhutan VII Chapcha
47 Tashi Lhaba Male 16 Bhutan VI Jigme Losel
48 Tandin Wangmo Female ? Bhutan Final Year Sherubtse College
49 Aiti Maya Tamang Female 12 Bhutan IV Mongar LSS
50 Tshering Choki Female 7 Bhutan I Mongar LSS
51 Passang Dorji Male 17 Bhutan VII Mongar LSS
16 Ajay Kapali Male 11 Nepal 4 Cardinal international school
17 Raj Kumar Sunar Male 9 Nepal 1 Cardinal international school
36 Sunita Ramtel Female 12 Nepal V Cardinal international school
38 Prashindha Danuwar (Dongal) Male 8 Nepal II Cardinal international school
39 Shristi Ramtel Female 10 Nepal IV Cardinal international school
40 Jamuna Ramtel Female 13 Nepal VII Cardinal international school
42 Aatish Ramtel Male 7 Nepal I Cardinal international school

6 thoughts on “List of MEP Students available for Sponsorship (as of 19 March 2014)

  1. Thank you very much for your help webtogs.I think i will probably go for the ridge Christmas coming and all. Many thanks for your time and help. Be in touch…. s,

  2. Do we want to push on into the future or protect our past? These are the debates that we need to have if we are ever going to move forward."into the future"?"move forward"?Sounds too much like someone who should not be named.

  3. Maaf pak Satria, bapak telah menggunakan 1 saja hadits untuk membuat tulisan yang menggeneralisir. Kualitas hadits yg dipakai belum dibahas?Bukan masalah sikap nabi pak satria, tetapi cara Bapak menulis yg tidak valid (hanya 1 buku sumber yg kemudian bpk menyimpulkan sendiri di bagian penutup).

  4. What a beautiful commemoration of summers past. So stunningly lovely. Mine is more of a collective memory. The joy I felt that last day of school. As the bell rang every year, the freedom of a whole glorious summer stretched out before me was the most intoxicating feeling. To this day, I can still conjure up that pure sense of bliss. One of the happiest times of my life, and I have had some happy times.

  5. I was so lucky to have such a strong family as a child to help me to learn and grow. Having such a wonderful uncle and amazing aunts helped me to feel like I was a part of something bigger. I never felt a shortage of love from you all. I wouldn't be who I am today if it weren't for each and every one of you. I love you, too!

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